Welcome to Black Dog Hydrotherapy

We are based at Touch Canine Care Centre in Harrogate.  We are a multi disciplinary specialised canine care centre based conveniently close to the beautiful spa town of Harrogate.

Black Dog Hydrotherapy offers therapeutic and exercise swims in purpose built surroundings in a rural setting.

Swimming can be of benefit to all dogs - fit, healthy dogs, pregnant bitches, show dogs and puppies as well as providing treatment for dogs with problems.

Our generous sized pool allows even the larger dogs to swim in comfort and our friendly staff will ensure that you are comfortable too. We focus on providing the best possible outcomes for your dog whatever its needs. Whether recovering from surgery or injury or in the management of long term conditions or as part of a weight loss or general fitness regime, hydrotherapy may be used to improve the health or condition of your dog.

The Centre is the first of its kind in North Yorkshire and has undergone rigorous preparation to ensure the highest standards, raising confidence with veterinarians and pet owners alike.

In addition to hydrotherapy, the centre offers veterinary physiotherapy as well as behaviour consultations and training, agility classes and dog grooming.