What's included in a canine Hydrotherapy session?

A qualified hydrotherapist will be in the water with your dog throughout the session. We find that this is vital to ensure correct rehabilitation and to reduce anxiety for your dog.

Each session lasts up to 30 minutes. However your first session will be a little longer to allow time for a full assessment of the dog and a calm introduction to the pool.

No dog will be allowed in the pool without the permission of your vet to ensure that there are no conditions which would contraindicate swimming.

All dogs are given a shower before swimming to warm up the muscles and then are fitted with one of our Ruffwear flotation jackets.

The length of time in the pool and the time spent swimming and resting are determined by the dog’s condition and reactions and the hydrotherapist’s professional judgement.

Canine owners are encouraged to become involved with the session from the poolside, but are not permitted in the water.

After swimming the dog is again showered before being towel dried.

Preparing your dog for a hydrotherapy session

Please do not feed your dog for at least 3 hours before swimming and ensure that he has toileted before coming into the centre

Please bring a towel or coat for the journey home

Owners may find it useful to wear waterproof clothing as you may get wet!